Monthly Archives: May 2018

Canada’s one-two punch

We tend to forget that until just a few years ago when the United States became the biggest producer of oil and natural gas, the Canadian market was our biggest supplier; not to mention the fact that they supply part of the American East Coast corridor and other parts of the borderland region with electricity. […]

It is not “fake news” but useless news

It is fascinating to talk to my students about Social Constructivism and how it applies to international business, international relations, politics, economics, society, culture, and the environment. It is shocking for many of them, particularly when they realize that the ideas and belief systems that molded them as individuals, citizens, and consumers were shaped by […]

Teachers and the International Workers’ Day

While the workers around the world mobilize to commemorate the International Workers’ Day, in the United States labor and labor agendas are barely remembered. Even on the issue of labor rights our country is divided. Although some sectors of our society have voiced their solidarity for the teachers’ strikes that have erupted in West Virginia, […]